EO4EU: Achievements one year on and what's next


This webinar will provide an update on where EO4EU stands now in its implementation and, for the first time, will present in detail the functionalities that can be expected from the EO4EU Platform to ensure more accessibility for EO data. The webinar will also explore how EO4EU can contribute to wider initiatives such as EuroGEO and Destination Earth.  


Watch the recording and download the slides here


Who should attend and why?


Anyone who is interested in Earth or environmental data and easily accessing them should attend, but most especially: 

  • Research and academia representatives who are interested in discovering the potential outcomes of integrating EO data into their research projects; 

  • Policy makers at the European, national and even local levels that seek easy-to-use tools to support decision-making with satellite, urban, or environmental EO data; 

  • The private sector and their representatives who aim at optimizing their business by using EO data or aspire to develop new solutions based on it 

  • Earth and environmental data providers that want to see how to promote further use of their data and find opportunities for new value-added tools and services 

  • Citizen scientists and the public that would like to have better access to scientific EO and environmental data for their own research 

  • Experts active in standards development organisations that are interested in potential new standards recommendations that can come from the intersection of several technological areas under EO4EU such as Earth observation data with artificial intelligence, high performance computing, augmented reality, among others. 



  • Welcome, Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT) 

  • Introduction, Erwin Goor (European Commission) 

  • Progress towards the EO4EU Platform, Vasileios Baousis (ECMWF) 

  • EO4EU Platform – Features and timeline, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades (UoA) 

  • Panel: Bringing Earth Observation to the fingertips of end-users 

    • Panellists 

      • Erwin Goor, EuroGEO & European Commission 

      • Stathes Hadjiefthymiades and Vasileios Baousis, EO4EU 

    • Topics 

      • What are the barriers remaining today that prevent the exploitation of EO data to address today’s societal challenges 

      • What can EuroGEO, Destination Earth, and EO4EU contribute to more accessibility of EO data  

      • Collaboration opportunities – where are the areas where EO4EU, EuroGEO and Destination Earth can work together or be interoperable 

  • Audience Q&A, Moderated by Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT) 


EO4EU: Achievements one year on and what's next
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